Note: Download here.

WeatherSpect Windows Driver (as in it 'drives' WeatherSpect as a screensaver)

  • Copyright (c) 2014 Aaron Myles Landwehr <>

Internal Components:

  • v1.11 script Copyright (c) Kirk Baucom

  • ConEmu Copyright (c) Maksim Moisiuk


  • This application bundles WeatherSpect by Kirk Baucom <> ( as a screensaver executable runnable on Windows. Please see the included WeatherSpect-gpl.txt for licensing information.

  • The driver itself is licensed under the same license as WeatherSpect for simplicity.

  • Internally it simply uses the vanilla WeatherSpect perl script. The only thing this driver does it provide the necessary glue to make the script operate \sanely\ as a screensaver. This includes most of the functionality you would expect. Such as, a configuration dialog, fullscreen support, exit on mouse movement, etc.

  • This application also bundles the Windows console emulator ConEmu-Maximus5. In order to provide fullscreen functionality, and font and color selection. Please see the included ConEmu-License.txt for licensing information.


  • Right click to install as a screensaver.

  • Use the configuration dialog to configure WeatherSpect once installed.

  • Run from command line:

    • -c: config.

    • -s or -f: fullscreen mode.

    • -w: window mode.

    • -v: view bundled application directory.

    • Additionally a '-l' option can be used as the second argument to print debugging information to a log file.

      • e.g. 'WeatherSpect.scr -c -l'

  • Configuration info:

    • configs are saved to %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% or your Windows user directory.

    • Weatherspect.conf (weatherspect's configuration).

    • WeatherSpect.xml (ConEmu's configuration).

    • Simply delete them or rerun the config dialog if corruption occurs.