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MobaXtermHere is a set of small scripts for MobaXterm that implement an "Open MobaXterm here" right-click context menu entry in Windows for directories (including right-clicking on the background in Explorer on Windows Vista, 7, and 8) and drives. You simply hold shift while right clicking to show the entry.

Though you may think this requires simply adding a few registry keys, I assure you that it is actually a fare bit more difficult. MobaXterm doesn't support passing actual parameters to change the start up directory of the shell (nor does Bash when run as a login shell). My solution was to implement a small batch file that creates a temporary file which Bash runs on start up.

There's an additional scripts to install/uninstall the context-menu entries and the required configuration files for bash to read.


MobaXtermHere is pretty easy to install (there are detailed install instructions in Readme.txt found in the Zip file below). However, here are some less detailed instructions:

  1. Set a persistent HOME directory in MobaXterm's preferences.

  2. Move the MobaXtermHere directory INSIDE of your MobaXterm directory (where the executable resides).

  3. Run Install.bat (as administrator possibly).

  4. Done!

Using MobaXtermHere with Open++:

First, follow the installation instructions then add a new Open++ entry with the following settings (including the quotes):

  • Title: Open MobaXterm here

  • Program: cmd

  • Arguments: /c ""\PATH\TO\MobaXtermHere\Run.bat" %FilePaths%"

  • Associate with: Single Folder


Tested with WinXP/Win7/Win8. Feel free to notify me if it works on other versions of Windows.